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Welcome to the Treeline Website!

Our 2014 planting season was a success, with approximately 10 million trees being planted in Northeastern Ontario!

We are now accepting applications for our 2015 spring planting season (which usually starts around May 1st). Apply through our web site: online application. We will be hiring rookie tree planters and, as always, we welcome back veteran tree planters, management members (foremen, and tree runners) and camp cooks. If you are new to our company, please make sure to send us a resume too!

To obtain general information, feel free to contact us

At Treeline Reforestation we encourage people to “Live the Adventure” not just to “endure” the conditions.

Tree planting is a tough job, but anyone can do it! If you are visiting this web site and considering tree planting for the first time, there are some definite things you should ask yourself first and seriously consider. This type of job cannot compare to anything else, and it is an incredibly difficult job; BUT, it is extremely rewarding on many levels and there is the potential to make a lot of money!

We believe in making sure our planters (and all employees) have a successful planting contract, whereby balance is kept in making sure everyone has the prospective to make a lot of money, feels safe, has room to grow, and that good morale is kept within our camps (VERY important!).